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  • ref. HE1128

    The Baggy EVO gloves, the evolution of classic. Versatile and multidiscipline gloves, thanks to their ultra light weight construction, protective elements, exceptional fitting and due to the NANOFRONT® technology, excellent levels of grip and feeling. Now with an even more aggresive look.

  • ref. HE1213

    Gloves produced with 2mm thick neoprene, Hebo distinctive logo stamped on the index / middle finger, rubber micro injected protections. Synthetic washable leather providing the necessary sensibility to riders, adjustable velcro and micro injected rubber closings.

  • ref. HE1236

    The innovatibe STRATOS gloves are the result of a long hard work by the HEBO development team. Very light with flexible protections in the most critical hand parts and a supreme grip thanks to Nanofront® technology providing maximun grip and comfort even in wet conditions.

  • ref. HE1235

    SWAY Gloves made of elastic tissue on back for a better comfort, stamping  sublimation technology resistant when washing avoiding loss of color. Pre curved pattern. IMPACT ENERGIE ETTENUATION TPR approved according to CE standard EN 13594. Microinjection rubber TPR on fingers. NANOFRONT tissue in the palm base for a perfect grip even on wet conditions....

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items