¡Descubre el nuevo casco Toni Bou Edición Limitada 34!

Discover the new Toni Bou Limited Edition 34 helmet!

We introduce you an exclusive collection of only 318 units worldwide: The Toni Bou Limited Edition 34 is much more than a helmet; it is a piece that honors the success and unwavering dedication of Toni Bou. Manufactured in forged carbon fiber and with a net weight of 950 grams, it is one of the lightest helmets on the market. It is homologated according to the European standard ECE 22-06.


Each piece incorporates the edition number, and, as it couldn't be otherwise, helmet number 0 is the one HEBO gifted to Toni Bou on the very day he was crowned champion. It features the number 34 as its protagonist, along with the logos of the world trial champion. With black and gold colors, combined with exclusive forged carbon, it becomes an elegant and unique design in the market. The helmet is delivered in a bag and box designed uniquely and exclusively for this piece. For more information about this exclusive piece, click here.

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