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Ficha Rider

Abel Mustieles
26 ago. 1991

Archive succes

5 Campeonato de la Copa del Mundo de trial

2010(2º), 2011(2º), 2012(2º), 2013, 2014(2º), 2015, 2016, 2017

4 Campeonato de Europa trial

2010(2º), 2011(3º), 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015(2º), 2016

3 Campeonatos del Mundo trial

2 Campeonatos de España de trial


Abel started at the age of 5 thanks to his father who already practiced trial riding with his friends and gave him a trial bike to have fun with his friends in the motorcycle competitions his father practiced. Little by little this group of friends began to grow and compete in bike trials, they had more and more fun practicing and competing. 21 years later they are still doing trial and have made a living around their favourite sport. First he was competing for brands like Monty, until he decided to create his own brand of trial bikes, CLEAN TRIALS, today a reference in the world of amateur and competition trial. With it he has won World Cup, European Championships, and being Champion of Spain and the World, irrefutable proof that bikes work wonderfully, besides having other great riders in his team, like Benito Ros,Vincent Hermance. . . all top-notch. He now combines business with competition, taking time to keep training and trying to stay on top for as long as possible, as competing gives him an incredible feeling that he would like to keep for as long as possible.

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