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Ficha Rider

Nachette Fernández

Archive succes

Mundial Superenduro

6º en la clasificación general (2018)

Finisher en la Extreme Lagares

21º en la clasificación general (2018)

Finisher en la Erzberg Rodeo

2º piloto de su fila en la clasificación general (2018)

Participación en el Campeonato de Trial de 125cc

3r puesto


Since he was a child he has ridden a motorbike, starting at the age of 3 when the Three Kings brought him his first motorbike. He has always lived the motorcycle with passion, a hobby that his father has instilled in him since he was a child, who also practiced trial, and thanks to this the engine is part of his life.

Nachette began with trial because of his father's great love of this sport and at the age of 5 he already participated in his first trial championship, specifically his debut was in the Madrid Trial Championship, and it was only the beginning, as he continued to compete at a national level in the Spanish Trial Championship with a 125cc, where he achieved third place. He has always competed in national trial championships with good positions, in fact he has always been in the top 3 of his category.

At the age of 17 he made the jump to the 125cc World Trial Championship where he obtained a well-deserved ninth position in the championship. The following year, Nachette decided to try his luck with enduro, and he was combining the two modalities until in 2015 he decided to switch completely to enduro.

He now runs Superenduro and extreme enduro races, running some of the toughest races in the world such as the famous Erzberg Rodeo or the Exrtreme Lagares. He has also run the Superenduro World Cup with good results.

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