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Ficha Rider

Marc Riba
15 abr. 1998

Archive succes

4 Campeonatos de España de trial

2009(3º juvenil), 2011(2º juvenil 125), 2012(1º cadete), 2013(3º junior), 2014(1º junior), 2015(1º TR1), 2016(1º TR1).

5 Campeonatos de Cataluña de trial

2006(1º iniciación), 2007(1º alevin), 2008(3º juvenil), 2009(3º promo 125), 2012(1º promo 125), 2013(1º Master 125), 2014(3º),2015(1º).


Considered a rider of great renown, his father was already a Trials fan and he began to practice Trials at the age of 4 when he was given his first bike, a Clipic 50. Since according to the Catalan Motorcycling Federation (FCM) the minimum age to participate is 6 years, his parents had to ask for a special permission so that he could participate, which they were able to obtain so that Marc could compete. For years Marc combined trial and hokei skating.

In 2004 he made his official debut at the Catalan Championship for children, and in 2009 at the Spanish Championship. Since then he has been competing regularly in the youth categories of these two championships. In 2012 Ossa signed him up to drive the new Ossa TRi 125 in the brand's official team in the European, Spanish and Catalan championships. He then competed semi-privately with Beta and GasGas, and it was in 2016 that he signed with TRRS on their official team.

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