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Ref - HI8065

Trial Petrol Tank 1.000Cc

Trial Petrol Tank 1.000Cc

Fuel tank, ideal for longer trips without having to refuel. Ideal for excursions on a Trial motorcycle. Capacity 1000cc.
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A 1000 cc Trial Petrol Tank auxiliary fuel tank is an additional fuel tank that is mounted on a Trial motorcycle to increase fuel capacity. This type of tank usually has a capacity of 1000 cc, which means it can store 1 liter of gasoline. These tanks are useful for long-distance trips or for those who want to have an additional reserve of fuel in case of emergency. It is important to make sure the auxiliary tank is compatible with the model and year of the motorcycle before purchasing, as well as that they are made of quality material and comply with safety regulations for use.Referencia: HI8065
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