Leyenda Bou: 17 X-Trial - 34 Mundiales

Legend Bou: 17 X-Trial - 34 Worlds

Toni Bou (HEBO - Montesa) has added his 17th X-Trial World Champion title as the great champions do, achieving victory in Madrid and competing in one of the most demanding and vibrant finals in history with an electrifying duel together to his teammate Gabriel Marcelli who finished second.

The victory in Madrid was decided in the last half meter of the last area of the test. Marcelli started the final by stringing together three zeros while Bou charged with a five in the second zone to cleanly pass the next three and see how his teammate scored a five in the fourth. They have reached the last section tied. Bou did it first and earned three points, and then Marcelli reached the last meter with the same penalty but failed at the end and added a five.

This has been the outcome of the test. The title had already been secured by Toni Bou, having qualified for the final while Jaime Busto (HEBO-GasGas), his only rival in the fight for number 1, was left out by five points. The one who did enter the very final was Toby Martyn, who completed the Montesas trio on the podium with a very consistent performance that took him to third place and to achieve the second prize of his sporting career.

A first round with 15 points has left Adam Raga (TRRS) out of the final despite tying at 6 with Bou in the second. For his part, Aniol Gelabert (Beta) started well but faded a little in the second round to finish sixth ahead of Bincaz (Sherco), Grattarola (Beta) and Haga (GasGas).

Toni Bou (1st): “It has been a fantastic night since together with Gabriel we have starred in a spectacular final, I have been the best in each of the 3 rounds of the contest and I have achieved a new title of X-World Champion Trial in the best possible way, winning. I am very competitive and I wanted to secure the title with a victory that has been really complicated, especially from the second zone of the final in which I made a mistake that, together with the great performance of my teammate, made me fight until the last part of the round".

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