Impulsamos el trial de la mano de los influencers Pablo y Jose Castellano, Luis Zamalloa y Marcos Plaza

We drive trial hand in hand with influencers Pablo and Jose Castellano, Luis Zamalloa, and Marcos Plaza.

In HEBO, we have chosen to promote the discipline of trial and our own brand through a collaboration with recognized influencers in the lifestyle realm of Spain.

It's the first time a brand in the sector has partnered with influencers to promote the sport and its own products. The collaboration, which took place on Thursday, March 21st, involved giving an initiation class in trial to four motorcycle enthusiasts: Pablo Castellano, Luis Zamalloa, Marcos Plaza, and Jose Castellano. The instructor for the class was HEBO's ambassador and instructor: Sam Obradó. Find out how the day went in the following video!

The event, dubbed the HEBO Day, was a success, and the four guests enjoyed a very educational and fun session. After the session, they all shared their experience and passion for the sport with their followers through photos and videos on digital platforms.

With the first edition of the HEBO Day, we aim to bring the passion for trial to a wider audience, introducing this sport in an attractive and exclusive manner.

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