¡Bienvenido a la nueva era! Presentamos las nuevas botas de trial Technical 3.0

Welcome to the new era: Introducing the new Technical 3.0 trial boots!

At HEBO, we welcome a new era marked by one of the most significant additions to the '24 catalog: the new Technical 3.0 trial boots.



This is a new model that we have developed, drawing from the expertise of the 7-time world champion, Jordi Tarrés.

The new Technical 3.0 boots stand out for their excellent ergonomics and protection. They feature a new last that maximally conforms to the foot, providing fit, feel, and comfort. Additionally, they have a forward-leaning shape to facilitate the attack position. Another significant innovation is that they are crafted through a handmade process known as "Ideal construction." The upper, with the outer edges glued and pressed onto the midsole, is vertically stitched with a thread that ensures complete impermeability. The result is a high-quality boot that guarantees comfort, durability, and flexibility.

We introduce the boots in two different models: Technical 3.0 Leather, crafted with 100% natural "Crazy Horse Leather," and Technical 3.0 Micro, featuring high-quality 2mm thick microfiber. The Micro model is available in three different colors so that the rider can choose the one that best fits their style: white, gray, or red.

Stay tuned, soon you'll be able to find them at your distributor!

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