Toni Bou y Jaime Busto en lo más alto del podio del TrialGP de Portugal

Toni Bou and Jaime Busto at the top of the Portuguese TrialGP

Toni Bou and Jaime Busto at the top of the Portuguese TrialGP


Last weekend the Trial GP World Championship arrived in Portugal to celebrate the second round of the calendar with all eyes on the leaders of the general classification, Toni Bou and Jaime Busto. The two HEBO riders shone in the Portuguese town of Gouveia and were once again the stars with victory for Bou on Saturday and Busto on Sunday.


On Saturday, bad weather from the day before meant that water levels were high in the creek sections, where it was difficult to get a grip on a series of towering rocks. Despite this, Toni Bou (HEBO - Montesa) had a very good first lap that helped him maintain his lead ahead of Jaime Busto (HEBO - GASGAS) and Gabriel Marcelli (HEBO - Montesa).


“I started with a very good first lap,” Bou said. “The sections of the river were very slippery and in the second lap I didn't start with a good feeling, but I am very happy with this victory.”


Sunday began with an unleashed Bou on the first lap on his way to victory, but Busto turned the result around in the second round to rise to the top of the podium. The young pilot Gabriel Marcelli (HEBO - Montesa) was very close to winning, but final errors relegated him to third place.


“I am very happy with the victory,” said Busto. "I made a big mistake in section seven on the first lap, but I recovered on lap two."


After Portugal, the HEBO riders Bou and Busto remain tied on points in the overall World Championship standings. The next race will be held in Japan, from May 19 to 21 in Motegi.


TrialGP Portugal 2023 standings:



  1. Toni BOU (HEBO - Montesa), 26 points
  2. Jaime BUSTO (HEBO - GasGas), 39 points
  3. Gabriel MARCELLI (HEBO - Montesa), 44 points



  1. Jaime BUSTO (HEBO - GasGas), 13 points
  2. Toni BOU (HEBO - Montesa), 14 points
  3. Gabriel MARCELLI (HEBO - Montesa), 24 points


General Classification TrialGP 2023

  1. Jaime BUSTO (HEBO - GasGas), 74 points
  2. Toni BOU (HEBO - Montesa), 74 points
  3. Gabriel MARCELLI (HEBO - Montesa), 58 points

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