¡Toni Bou conquista su Mundial 33!

Toni Bou wins his 33th World Championship!

The HEBO rider wins his 17th outdoor World Cup crown at the French TrialGP. To that figure we must add the 16 achieved in Indoor trials.

New to the TrialGP calendar, the Vertolaye venue was a tough test for the best riders on the planet with a succession of steep climbs and huge rocks on a densely forested slope, delimited by artificial obstacles at the start and finish, which gave as a result some notable evaluations. The weather was also a factor, as most riders received penalties.

For Bou, however, it was business as usual as he powered his way to victory number 10 this season and a sensational 17th consecutive crown.

His dominance of the category is unique in the motorsport world, with 17 years of being undefeated in the Trial World Championship, he has a total of 142 victories in 252 events held in the Outdoor World Championship and 197 podiums.

Bou declared after winning in France: "I am very happy to win the championship with a victory. It has been a very hard-fought year, with a difficult start in which Busto has made it very difficult for us. But we have achieved a new title of the better way, with a new victory, so I want to thank the team who, as I always say, would be impossible to maintain this level without all their support and effort."

Day 1
1st Toni Bou (HEBO-Montesa) 30 points
2nd Jaime Busto (HEBO-GasGas) 47 points
3rd Gabriel Marcelli (HEBO-Montesa) 48 points

General ranking
1st Toni Bou (HEBO-Montesa) 251 points
2nd Jaime Busto (HEBO-GasGas) 219 points
3rd Gabriel Marcelli (HEBO-Montesa) 176 points
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