Toni Bou toma ventaja en el Mundial de TrialGP

Toni Bou takes advantage in the TrialGP World Championship

Last weekend the fourth round of the trial world championship was held in San Marino and Toni Bou (HEBO-Montesa) broke the tiebreaker he had with Jaime Busto (HEBO-GasGas) in the general classification after winning the two days played in the town of Baldasserona. Now Bou leads the World Cup with an eight-point advantage with 3 rounds to go in Andorra, Italy and France.

On a track that combined huge smooth rocks, water passages and a lot of mud, grip was one of the key points to overcome the sections. On the first day, Bou set the pace and distanced himself from his closest pursuers, fellow Hebo drivers Gabriel Marcelli (HEBO-Montesa) and Jaime Busto. On the second day of the TrialGP in San Marino it was Busto who was the outstanding leader but several errors in the final part relegated him to the second drawer of the podium. With victory for Bou and third position for Matteo Grattarola (Beta).

Bou declared after winning the two days in San Marino:

“This weekend has been incredible for us. On the first lap today I made a lot of mistakes, but I had a good second lap and Jaime made some mistakes in the last sections. San Marino has been very important for us ahead of the championship.”


Rankings TrialGP San Marino 2023

Saturday TrialGP

  1. Toni BOU (HEBO-Montesa), 25 points
  2. Gabriel MARCELLI (HEBO-Montesa), 38 points
  3. Jaime BUSTO (HEBO-GasGas), 41 points

Sunday TrialGP

  1. Toni BOU (HEBO-Montesa), 45 points
  2. Jaime BUSTO (HEBO-GasGas), 47 points
  3. Matteo GRATTAROLA (Beta), 59 points

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